Nam June Paik Museum
Seoul, Korea

Drawing from the iconography of the televisual, the program within the Nam June Paik Museum can be discerned almost immediately upon observing the building. Just as Nam June Paik questioned the framing of art and its production, LEESER Architecture worked to reinterpret the physical form of the museum, distorting and reshaping the conventions of museum design. The distortion allows for many opportunities for projection and exhibition. The museum consists of multiple pod forms that are shifted and joined at alternating levels.

The floor plate of each pod is bent, allowing for casual seating and viewing areas as well as an elevated, more intimate, gallery space above. As with the exterior of the building, this shifting and shearing of the floor plate distorts the iconographic frame, allowing for multiple ways of seeing the art on display. The building hovers at the bottom of a valley to displace the smallest number of trees and existing topography.