London 2012 Olympic Park
London, England

LEESER Architecture was extended an invitation from the Mayor of London to participate in the London 2012 Olympic Park design competition. It included the design of an iconic structure that will benefit locals and visitors alike.

A site was chosen because of its close proximity to the River Lea and the inspiration and possibilities this location holds. The idea of a floating lake was proposed. This structure will provide a place for families to visit, both tourists and locals, providing breathtaking views over the Olympic Park as well as over London in the distance. There are no visible borders or edges which gives visitors the sensation of being elevated upon a cloud, one feels suspended above the vast expanses of the Olympic Park. Utilizing the large amounts of rain London receives each year, the edge of the Floating Lake contains computer controlled water nozzles that allow for a continuous patterned waterfall spanning the complete perimeter, giving the appearance of the lake overflowing its edge. The space below is well suited for casual concerts, performances or street theatre.