Oasis Residences
Dubai, UAE

The strategy for the site and towers is to use a unifying geometric overlay that then generates the placement of every aspect of the design including water features, parking roadways, pathways, the towers themselves and the individual apartments. At the same time, each tower and apartment is unique. Rather than generating duplicate, anonymous buildings we have created a conglomeration of units that recognize the individuality of the owner while at the same time expressing unity throughout with a replicating pattern.

As specified by the client, the parking is underground and has been integrated into the site. Vegetated light wells pierce the ceiling allowing for light and air to circulate to the space below.

The outdoor space and terraces are given the utmost importance and are completely integrated into each apartment’s layout. The terraces can be screened in to become part of the interior or opened up to become part of the exterior spaces. Through this simple idea, seasonal differences can be taken advantage of. Each apartment has an individualized view as well as exterior screen pattern that reinforce the unique design of each unit. Overall, these buildings will enhance the lives of the residents as it reinforces the notion of the individual as part of a larger, universal fabric and brings a sense of pride in place.