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EM Quartier
Bangkok, Thailand

Retail complex including three new buildings and one building renovation. Connected by a plaza, all buildings total in 2,500,000 sf of mixed use retail space. Key features include a 30-foot high open air garden on the fifth floor, six stories of dining terraces sitting atop a helical floor slab, an eight theater cinema complex including one imax theater as well as a pedestrian street and five-story waterfall, as well as two stories of underground parking.

Working with the developer responsible for the largest shopping center in southeast Asia, Leeser Architecture has designed architecture that evokes the synthesis of beauty and unpredictability found in both nature and urbanism. The buildings alter the pure shape of the traditional spiral, floor plates are shifted so they do not align with the floors above. These subtle imperfections provide outdoor terraces for the visitors, blurring the boundary between inside and out.

Currently under construction, the complex will open in 2014.


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