Abu Dhabi, UAE

A pair of iconic luxury and residential towers introduce an urban density and texture to Danet Abu Dhabi. Private units dispersed around light and airy atrium spaces at the core of each building provide a unique living situation. Sweeping views from private rooms to the exterior as well as expansive internal views from the central balconies provide a balanced duality of private life and the vibrant residential environment in Danet.

Plots 25 and 32 in the Danet complex provide large site areas for residential buildings, requiring that the typology be reinvented. Rather than a conventional extruded block tower, this proposal gives preference to the individuality of each unit and the specific views from each room. The form of the towers, as if a single building split in two, provides continuity between the two plots developed by a single client. The adaptability of each space allows for the building to constantly be in a state of flux, evolving with the presence of each new tenant.