Since 1989, as principal of his own firm—LEESER Architecture—German-born architect Thomas Leeser has achieved worldwide recognition for his influential, innovative designs. His interest in challenging the conventional notions of architecture with the use of new technologies and radical design, integrated with the contemporary cultural, social, and technological context produces rich architectural spaces, new programmatic relationships and beautifully simple organizations.

As the winner of numerous awards including the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award 2013 and New York City’s 2011 and 2010 Public Design Commission Award, LEESER Architecture is internationally sought after for its reputation of creating innovative, cutting-edge architectural design solutions.

Current projects that showcase our design capabilities are Brooklyn’s new arts and education center, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Cultural District, a 2.7 million square foot mixed use neighborhood positioned to be Asia’s leading retail and entertainment hub in Thailand and a 100,000+ square foot tri-climatic biosphere for the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Named “the finest recent American example of radical design” by the Wall Street Journal, LEESER Architecture’s recent design for the Museum of Moving Image is yet another example of our ability to produce iconic architectural designs.

The success of LEESER’s projects is the result of a positive and well structured collaboration between client, design team and consultant team. We collaborate closely with our clients to identify the unique opportunities of their project, enabling us to develop a deep understanding of their design and programmatic challenges and to propose solutions that are specific to their needs. We bring to each project our extensive experience in the integration of technology within cultural and educational spaces.

Thomas Leeser


Project Director

  • Simon Arnold

Project Manager

  • Sofia Castricone

Marketing / Business Development

  • Ali Kriscenski


  • Christian Lehmkuhl
  • Fabian Lorenz
  • Anja Pavlin
  • Shihua Wang
  • Hiroe Fujimoto
  • Zachary Goldstein
  • CJ Anderson
  • Helen Levin
  • Jon Siani


image logo LEESER Architecture to showcase at 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale

image logo Voted #1 for Pioneering Museum Design


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image logo BAM Cultural District Hotel Plans To Involve Local Arts Groups

image logo Museum of Moving Image Wins 2013 Red Dot Design Award

image logo Moscow Polytechnic Museum – Education Center Proposal / Leeser Architecture

image logo Hotel for BAM and Barclays

image logo 200-Room Hotel Planned for BAM Cultural District

image logo Rockwell Place Hotel


image logo Inside a luxury Z-shaped Manhattan rental

image logo Celebrating Cultural Influences on Design

image logo Made in USA: Leeser Architecture

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image logo Designing Brooklyn's Future

image logo Leeser Architecture Transforms Brooklyn's Historic Strand Theater Into a Cultural Space for the Digital Age


image logo Mercedes House South Lobby

image logo Leeser Architecture Finishes LED-Lit Luxury Lobby for the Mercedes House

image logo Officials to break gound on $30M renovation of Strand Theater

image logo Moscow Polytechnic: 2nd Prize to Leeser

image logo Immersed in Images and an Age of Blurred Boundaries

image logo Designed to Evoke the Future of Filmmaking...

image logo Lights, Camera, Astoria

image logo How Film Transforms Our Reality

image logo Museum of the Moving Image

image logo Up Into the Dark

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image logo Moving Image Finally Reopens


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Shortlisted, Moscow Polytechnic Museum and Education Center, international competition, Moscow, Russia


Public Design Commission of the City of New York "Award for Excellence in Design", Museum of the Moving Image

Second Prize, Polytechnic Museum, invited international competition, Moscow, Russia

Awarded Starnet Design Grand Prize, Museum of the Moving Image, New York, NY


First Prize, Iconic Greenhouse, invited international competition, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Public Design Commission of the City of New York "Award for Excellence in Design", Strand Theatre Renovation

Shortlisted, Frankfurt Jewish Memorial, international competition, Frankfurt, Germany


Nomination for Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards

First Prize, The Helix Hotel, invited international competition, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Invited Competitor ,London Olympic Park, invited competition, London, England


Nomination for Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards

AIA Design Award, World Mammoth and Permafrost Museum


First Prize, World Mammoth and Permafrost Museum, invited competition, Yakustk, Russia


AIA Small Projects Award, Vaccaro Loft


First Prize and Commission, Museum of the Moving Image, invited competition, Astoria, NY

Selected Project with MVRDV and StoSS, NYC 2012 Olympic Village, invited competition, New York, NY


Three Architectural Record Interiors Awards for Excellence in Design for "Glass," "Bot" and "Pod"

New York Foundation for the Arts Architecture and Design Discretionary Grant, Three Legged Dog Performing Arts Group New Media Arts Center design

First Prize, Design School Zollverein, invited international competition, Essen, Germany

Finalist Award, Pontecagnano Faiano European Center for Creativity, international competition, Salerno, Italy


Finalist Award, Eyebeam Atelier Museum for Art and Technology, invited international competition, Chelsea, New York

James Beard Foundation "Best Design Award" nomination for Glass


Finalist, EMPAC-Electronic Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, invited limited competition, Troy, New York


Award wining design, ETH World (virtual university), two stage international competition


Deutsche Bank Hochhaus MAX, invited and short listed two stage international competition, Frankfurt, Germany

First Prize, Public Information and Navigation System, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany


Short Listed, Low Cost Housing Bochum, invited two stage competition, Bochum, Germany


Fellowship Award, New York Foundation for the Arts Artists' Fellowship


Honorable Mention, 'Head Start' Child Care Facility, open competition, East Windsor, New Jersey


Diploma Award, The Chamber Theater Art Center, international competition, Moscow, Russia


Numerous awards in the offices of Eisenman Architects, for, among others:

First Prize: The Columbus Convention Center, invited competition, Columbus, Ohio

Special Prize: The Biocenter of the J.W. Goethe University, open and invited international competition, Frankfurt, Germany

First Prize: The Wexner Center for Visual Arts, invited competition, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Citation: The University Art Museum, PA Award, Long Beach, California

First Prize and AIA Honor Award: The IBA Museum and Social Housing Project at Checkpoint

Charley, invited international competition, Berlin, Germany


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